砂の部屋は、井手尾雪(Yuki Ideo)によるアートプロジェクトで、2016年に東京・渋谷区にある四畳半の部屋に200キロの砂を敷いて暮らし始めたことからはじまりました。現在は、部屋に砂を敷いたインスタレーション作品を中心に発表しています。

"Sand Room" is the art project by Yuki Ideo. It began when she started living in a room covered with 200 kilograms of sand in 2016. Since then, she has been presenting sand installation artworks.
井手尾雪(Yuki Ideo)
アーティスト / 株式会社BACK HILL 代表
Yuki Ideo
Artist / BACK HILL Inc. CEO 
In 2016, she began living in a small room in Tokyo with 200 kilograms of sand, which led her to create the "Sand Room," a series of installation works covered with sand.
She also developed "Drop Note," a method of creating notebooks that resemble a map of the world based on his own creative process. He develops toolkits and workshops to help people think and imagine/create.